Our Team

We are a team whose members usually belong to different groups, functions and are assigned to relevant activities for the same project — we have One Common Goal, which is to plan, execute and complete a specific Project effectively and productively.

Our department is an interdependent collection of individuals who work together towards a common goal and who share responsibility for specific outcomes of our organization.

There are many components to becoming a top performing team, but we BELIEVE in working on highly cooperative relationship. We are committed to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where members are allowed to be themselves and are engaged and invested in the project work. All team members are encouraged for relationship building. Each member is responsible to give constructive feedback, reorganizations, values and utilization of unique strengths of each other. Our team is tuned on and built upon Trust, Harmonious Cooperation and Solid Teamwork.

With dynamic Leadership and unwavering Teamwork, we are committed in striving for more meaningful and measurable success in our near future. See you guys at the Top of Excellence and progressive Achievement!


Muhamad Mu'azzam Bin Ahmadin,
Group Operation Director




Our Department

Project Manager
Cost & Contract Department
Planning and Scheduling Department
Environment Department
Machinery Department
Finance and Account Department
Human Resource and Administration Department
Legal and Secretarial Department
IT Department
Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) Department
Third Party Support